Sports eyewear

Don’t let your eyesight hold you back from achieving your sporting potential

Just as you need the correct equipment to play your preferred sport, your eyes also need the right frames and lenses to give you the vision you need to excel and improve.

There are several features to choose from when selecting sports eyewear. Wraparound frames help to give you the fullest field of vision possible, so you can keep an eye on your competition and surroundings at all times, whilst non-slip nose pads help to keep your specs at the perfect level for optimum vision.

100% UV protective lenses will also help to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and anti-glare filters can ensure clear vision even when the sun is at its brightest.

Enthusiasts of grass sports such as golf should also consider contrast-tinted lenses, which enhance particular colours to improve your vision even further.

Here at Alexander Opticians we supply and strongly recommend Norville eyewear for the best in protective sports eyewear. With a well-established reputation for outstanding sports glasses, you can rest assured you are receiving a top quality product that will help you lift your sporting prowess to the next level.

In addition, we also supply prescription swimming goggles and diving masks.