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Low Vision

"If you suffer from low vision, our tailored assessments can help make life easier for you."

Does your vision ever stop you from doing the things you love – like reading, playing sport or even working on the computer?

In some circumstances, simply wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses isn’t enough to improve your vision to a comfortable level, and everyday things that other people do with ease can quickly become frustrating.

But despite this obstacle, you want to remain free to do the things that you enjoy, just like other people, without having to rely on friends and family to help. That’s why, here at Alexander Opticians, we will do everything we can to help you maintain your independence, thanks to our bespoke low vision assessments.

Your appointment with a member of our team will begin more like an informal discussion. You will have a chance to tell us about your visual history and

everyday experience of vision, as well as your favourite activities and the things you used to do but might now struggle with. We’ll ask you for any additional information that we might need to know, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions too if there’s anything you’re not certain of.

Depending on your individual situation, we can then recommend the right low vision aids for you. There are lots of different types available so it’s simply a case of finding the one that is best for you and your lifestyle. Handheld and clip-on magnifiers, special enlarging software for text on a computer screen, and even specific close- and mid-vision lenses can also assist you with various activities, without causing any discomfort or drawing unnecessary attention. Alternatively, you might prefer a different solution, such as a talking watch or even a specially adapted GPS device for when you’re out and about.

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