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"Not sure whether contact lenses are for you? Why not take advantage of our free trial period"

In the past, contact lenses were available in limited options, and often made of uncomfortable materials, meaning that only a select few patients were suitable for them. However, thanks to recent advances in optics, contact lenses have evolved and now range from daily use options to those you can re-use for up to a month.

Even if you’ve previously been told you wouldn’t be a suitable patient for contact lenses, it’s likely that there is now the perfect type of lens for you.

Additionally, contact lenses are now often made from a flexible and comfortable material known as silicon hydrogel, which allows more oxygen to enter the eyes and reduces the risk of them becoming sore, dry or irritated.

At Alexander Opticians we specialise in providing a full contact lens service, including a free trial so you can be sure you’re happy with your new choice of eyewear. As with many of the other products we supply, we have access to a number of contact lens manufacturers which means you can rest assured you’ll only ever be recommended the product best suited to your needs.

As well as being a great alternative to normal glasses, contact lenses are also recommended for keen sportsmen and women and those with an active lifestyle. We can also fit children as young as eight years old with contact lenses, provided they are mature enough to look after them.

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