Colour Overlay Assessments

Your visual discomfort could be addressed with a simple coloured overlay

Visual discomfort – or ‘visual stress’ – is more common than you might think, with around 20% of the population suffering from some form of symptoms while reading or writing.

However, other indications of the condition include fatigue, difficulty concentrating and comprehending information, as well as some of the following:

  • Perception of printed text blurring, moving or developing patterns
  • Letters appearing to change size/shape
  • Headaches or pain in/around the eyes
  • Halos of colour surrounding letters or words
  • Red, sore or watery eyes

It has been proven that the use of simple coloured overlays can, in many cases relieve the symptoms of visual stress, allowing the sufferer to read and write comfortably and more easily. These sheets are made of thin, transparent plastic and are tinted in a variety of colours.

Different individuals respond better to different colours, so during your assessment at Alexander Opticians you will have the opportunity to test several different overlays in order to determine which is the best colour and shade for you.

If one of the colours proves particularly beneficial, you will be able to take away the appropriate coloured overlay with you to use in your everyday life – over printed text in a book or magazine, or even in front of a computer screen. You could also have a pair of specs made up including lenses tinted in the colour of your overlay for an even better visual experience.